The Metrical Features of Old Swahili Dance Poems

This paper aims to describe the metrical features of tumbuizo, Swahili poems which, allegedly due to their antiquity, present very different stylistic elements from later compositions based on regular metres inspired from Arabic poetry. The particulari…

Objects of Survivance

The work is a book review considering the title Objects of Survivance: A Material History of the American Indian School Experience by Lindsay M. Montgomery and Chip Colwell.

A Language Fair, a Community and a Museum

Founded in 2003 the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair (ONAYLF) has become one of the largest gatherings of Native American language learners in the United States. The Fair is unquestionably the most significant and sustained interaction with…

Annotating Colonialism

This exhibition review essay compares three recent interventions into historic cultural representations at the American Museum of Natural History: the Digital Totem that was placed in the Northwest Coast Hall in 2016 to partially modernize its content,…

Cataloguing Culture

This work is a book review considering the title Cataloguing Culture: Legacies of Colonialism in Museum Documentation by Hannah Turner.

Toxic Sensorium

Journal Name: Environment and SocietyVolume: 12Issue: 1Pages: 87-107