Call for papers

Dear Colleagues!CAES editorial team awaits for your contributions for CAES Vol. 10, № 3, that is going to be published in the second half of September 2024. The deadline for submission of papers is August 15, 2024.

CAES Vol. 10, № 2

Articles Deciphering of the Lemnos Stele inscription Alexander Akulov The Lemos Stele is a funerary monument with an inscription in the Lemnian language, that is a juncture between Etruscan and Hurro-Urartian. The inscription of side A tells about Holaie’s grandson/nephew named Zia: Holaie-z(1) nafoth(2) Zia-zi(3) mara-z(4) maw(5). Sialkʰweiz(6) awiz(7) Ewistho(8) zeronaith(9) ziwai(10). Aker(11) tawar-zio(12) Wamala-si-al(13) […]

Energy colonialism

Energy colonialism is an essential, yet scarcely theorized concept for understanding how past, present and future energy systems are shaped by colonial or neocolonial power dynamics, imaginaries, discourses, and practices. These perspectives are import…

Kita vai à Kwamalasamutu

No contexto de uma série de encontros entre pessoas zo’é e tiriyó na região da fronteira Brasil-Suriname, o presente artigo aborda a experiência de Kita, jovem zo’é que em 2010 viajou com alguns chefes e pastores tiriyó e permaneceu na aldeia Kwama…