La aceleración en la lógica del capital

El trabajo retoma la argumentación de Hartmut Rosa sobre la aceleración como principio tendencial de la modernidad, ahondando en las razones (los “motores”) que producen dicho proceso. Uno de esos motores, el que aquí se analiza en detalle, es el de la…


There is a saying, ‘do not paint the devil on the wall’, which is commonly taken to mean that one should, for all intents and purposes, avoid portraying something in an overly negative or exaggerated way. The German origin of the proverb is even more i…

Guess who did the crime?: The Facial Composite Game

By Eliseo Ortiz (University of Colorado Boulder) In 1878, British psychologist Francis Galton wrote about the significance of photography in policing and incarcerating populations. Together with the famous jailer Edmund Du Cane, Galton investigated cri…

Call for papers

CAES editorial team waits for your papers for CAES Vol. 7, № 2, that is going to be published in late May – early June 2021. The deadline for submission is May 15.

CAES Vol. 7, № 1

Editor’s foreword Think pieces: Northeast Caucasian languages and the Ainu-Minoan stock Alexander Akulov The hypothesis that Northwest and Northeast Caucasian languages are related was proposed by S. A. Starostin, however, the methodology used by Starostin (comparison of the so-called basic vocabulary) cannot resolve the question of whether the compared languages are related. The only tool […]

What if Imagination Were Real?

This article explores extremity in performance art from the perspective of an insider. The article contributes with ethnographic insights on liminality and lived experience in performance art, which is still an unexplored field of anthropological study…

Note pour la rédaction d’articles


La revue favorise la publication d’articles qui expérimentent les potentialités offertes par l’édition en ligne. Elle ne publie que des articles originaux, qui n’ont jamais été publiés en français, quel qu’en ait été le support de publication (papier ou édition électronique).

Toute republication d’un article déjà édité par la revue doit faire l’objet d’une demande formelle auprès du comité de direction, que cela soit pour une publication papier ou[…]