The Anthropology Journal Ticker aggregates the latest articles from close to 100 anthropology open access journals by using their RSS-feeds.

One of its aims is to provide a new kind of overview over recent Open Access publications.

You can navigate this site via the menu at the bottom of the frontpage. One recommended way to discover new articles provides the Randam Posts page. Everytime you visit or refresh the page, you will be given three ramdom articles.

The Anthropology Journal Ticker is far from complete, though:

– Around one third of the journals does not provide any RSS-feed. There are ways to create feeds for sites without feeds, I am currently exploring some options and was able to add several more journals.

– RSS feeds often do not include all articles. When for example a new journal issue is published with, let’s say, 15 articles, only 5-10 articles are included. The good thing is that the front page does not get “hijacked” by the publications of just one journal.

– Categorizing the journals is no easy task. Only very few journals tag their entries. So far I only categorized them by language. Many journals are multilingual, though, they post articles in both English and Spanish for example. Selecting the category English will therefore also display posts in Spanish. I will have to rethink this issue.

I have just started creating this site, so it is still work in progress. Let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to send me any ideas about improving this site. Thanks.

This site is based on the excellent FeedWordPress plugin by C. Johnson and the nice and minimalistic Embla theme by Carolina Nymark. The Random Posts page is powered by the Random Posts plugin by Micah Wood. Feeds for journals without feeds were created by the Feed Creator by Fivefilters and RSS-bridge.

Lorenz Khazaleh, antropologi.info, august.2020