New Publication: Perspectives

We are pleased to announce the latest publication of Perspectives that tackles the important topic of Pandemic Politics and the Peripheries. This second Perspectives publication features two prominent scholars: Victor King on The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Marginalised: Tourism as a Southeast Asian Case and Kathryn Robinson on Global Inequality, the SDGs and COVID-19: What … Continue reading

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The multifunctionality of -o in Rukiga

This paper discusses the particle -o in Rukiga (Bantu JE14, Uganda), aiming to establish its origin and function. At first sight, the particle appears to be an independent pronoun agreeing in noun class, reported in previous studies as an emphatic pron…

Rethinking African Futures after COVID-19

Africa Spectrum, Ahead of Print. This article focuses on the impact of COVID-19 in Africa, describes its effects for ongoing research, and asks how it may impact African studies. In Africa, as elsewhere in the world, the pandemic is changing the way pe…

Announcement – Call for Book Reviews

IJAPS welcomes critical book reviews that are relevant to the study of Asia Pacific in the following disciplines: politics, history, indigenous languages and literature, religion, man and the environment, ethno-history, anthropology, cultural heritage, social issues, economic development, war and conflict resolution, prehistory and archaeology, and the arts. The books to be reviewed should be: recent … Continue reading

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Tyra Kleen

The Swedish artist and writer Tyra Kleen (1874–1951) was a professional artist and a constant traveller who had a great interest in different religious questions. This article describes her Symbolist artistry, her interest in Theosophy and her journeys…

Dance as a contemplative practice

This article analyses ethnographic material gathered in Sweden amongst dancers in the Church of Sweden. With the help of the writings of Sarah Coakley and Simone Weil I explore if, and how, dancing could be considered a contemplative practice in the Ch…