Scenarios for Diversification of EU Natural Gas Supplies from Algeria

by Oksana Voytyuk Abstract The Russian-Ukrainian war contributed to significant turbulence in the European energy market. The existing energy relations with Russia have been almost destroyed. The European Union found itself in a difficult situation and quickly began to look for ways to replace Russian gas. Naturally, Algeria was found on the list of countries […]

Africa’s Railway Renaissance: Continental Aspirations versus National Realities

by Mandira Bagwandeen Abstract As per the African Union’s 2016 prescription, most new rail projects in Africa are greenfield standard gauge railways (SGR) that cost billions of dollars, which, if successfully implemented and well run, can offer better services than road transport. However, to be viable, SGR investments must have adequate freight traffic, provide reliable […]

Filming as a Care Practice

These are three distinct essays that interrogate what happens when the anthropologist studying aging and care envisions their fieldwork through the lens of the video camera and its outputs. The intersection between the anthropology of care/aging…


While we were finalizing this introduction, British media outlets announced the death of the BBC news presenter George Alagiah who passed away, at the age of 60, and nine years after he had been diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer. In one of …