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The CAES editorial team waits for your contributions for CAES Vol. 8, № 4 that is going to be published in the middle of December 2022. The deadline for submission of papers is December 5.

CAES Vol. 8, № 3

Editor’s foreword Articles: How closely the Neolithic people of the site of Okhta 1 were related to the Neolithic people of the sites of Sarnate and Šventoji 43? Alexander Akulov The Pit-Comb Ware from the Neolithic site Okhta 1 is much alike that from the Neolithic sites located on the territories of the Baltic states. […]

Marriage, Divorce and Mutual Indebtedness

This article offers an original insight on the gift economy in Tajikistan. As long shown by the literature, ceremonial expenditures sustain social status and convey moral obligations and social order. In this context, we find that marriage breakdown sh…

Debt and Emotional Labour in Present Day Serbia

This article deals with the affective aspects of indebtedness in present-day Serbia. Based on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Belgrade and Šabac during the period 2016-19, it analyses gendered aspects of affective states created and triggered by in…

Black as Drought

Journal Name: Environment and SocietyVolume: 13Issue: 1Pages: 60-77

We All We Got

Journal Name: Environment and SocietyVolume: 13Issue: 1Pages: 27-42