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‘He Understands Me in a Different Way Than Others Do’

In this paper a group of young people from Torshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, share their personal reflections and views on the ‘Faroese father’ in present-day society. The material from this qualitative study is used to examine and analyse th…

Lectio Praecursoria: Negotiating Futures in Palestinian Refugee Camps: Spatiotemporal Trajectories of a Refugee Nation

The seventy-three years of exile have molded the life in Palestinian refugee camps. In my dissertation, I explore the conditions created by this long history in order to discuss the futures that those currently living in the refugee camps envision for …

New Publication: Perspectives

We are pleased to announce the latest publication of Perspectives that tackles the important topic of Pandemic Politics and the Peripheries. This second Perspectives publication features two prominent scholars: Victor King on The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Marginalised: Tourism as a Southeast Asian Case and Kathryn Robinson on Global Inequality, the SDGs and COVID-19: What … Continue reading

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