Call for Papers: The Puzzle of Literature Reviews

How do we navigate the increasingly interdisciplinary and multivocal literature on any given topic of interest, when examining reality through the lens of social theory? How do we collect, identify and assemble the body of knowledge produced across both past and present, representing voices that are unequally represented? We invite literature reviews that highlight a […]

Call for Papers: Our data, their data. Personal experiences and social practices of privacy and surveillance

Extended deadline for manuscript submission: June 7th, 2018 We invite research notes, articles, essays and book reviews that explore make visible and intelligible emerging practices of surveillance, their impact on privacy, and the roles of algorithms in social life. We welcome texts from multiple disciplines and genres. Send manuscripts at In light of persistent […]

Call for Papers: Aging from beyond the skin

Extended deadline for manuscript submission: October 30, 2017 Send manuscripts at For our Winter 2017 issue, we invite research articles and notes that explore how we are being aged from outside the contours of our bodies, through the presence and absence of interaction with others, in materially and technologically organized activities, by living in […]

Call for Papers: Science – Something Old, Something New, Something Blue

Guest Editor: Emanuel Socaciu, University of Bucharest Extended deadline for manuscript submission: June 15th, 2017 Send manuscripts at *** We invite research articles and notes that explore the interplay of science and daily life, the role of new technologies in scientific knowledge, the just-emerging and the strongly-persistent practice of science making and reporting, as […]