The Yezidi Religious Music

Oral Tradition, 35/2 (2022):119-40  1. Introduction: Types of Performances and Learning Techniques While the Yezidi religious textual tradition, including its collection, translation, and analysis, has already become a separate subject of investigation in the field of Yezidi Studies,1 its religious music remains largely unstudied. Based on the analysis of Yezidi religious vocal performances, this contribution […]

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Editors’ Column

Oral Tradition, 35/2 (2022):1-2  The contribution that various branches of “Oral Studies” could make to the study of non Western scriptural religions is as yet largely unexplored. In the Iranian cultural sphere—where languages are spoken that belong to the Iranian branch of Indo-European, such as Persian and Kurdish—we find a number of religious traditions that […]

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Oral Tradition, 35/2 (2022):3-8 Whilst the study of “oral verbal art” in the literary sphere is now receiving a certain amount of academic interest, much less attention has so far been paid to the dynamics of orality in the sphere of religion, not least in non-Western traditions.1 Many specialists in such fields as religious studies and […]

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