Crafting Spaces of Value: Infrastructure, Technologies of Extraction and Contested Oil in Nigeria

Using the example of the Bodo community in Ogoniland, where local youths operate refineries constructed with local materials and technology, I show that such refineries represent an emergent form of energy capture that transforms the creeks of the Niger Delta into islands of carbon sale and challenges state and corporate power.

Experiments in Excreta to Energy: Sustainability Science and Bio-Necro Collaboration in Urban Ghana

In the quest for alternatives to energy extraversion and carbon-heavy extraction, transformation of waste to energy is growing worldwide. In Ghana’s working-class city of Ashaiman, an international NGO converts faecal waste into electricity through a massive biodigester. Fed by public toilets, the power is sold back to residents.

Prelude to a Grid: Energy, Gender and Labour on an Electric Frontier

People in the Singida region of Tanzania have long utilized diverse energy sources for subsistence. How do rural Singidans eke energy from their natural and social environment? How can ideas of the sun and of labour in Nyaturu cosmology inform understandings of energy? And how are new energy technologies reshaping Singida’s social and economic landscape?